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Texting from ActionFlow

How to send text messages from within ActionFlow.

How to Text in ActionFlow

We are excited to offer the ability to send texts out of and into ActionFlow!

To set up texting, click HERE


If you are already ready to go, follow the guide below to start texting!


Note: At this point, a button click is required to send out a text; none of the texts will go out ‘automatically.’


Sending Text Messages


There are 3 ways to send text messages:

  1. Using the text button
  2. As part of your automated process
  3. As actions which allows for preset language (ie. scheduled date)


Option 1: Using the text button in the "Job Actions" grid






Click the button, type out your message, then hit OK.



The text will be recorded in your "Actions History"

Setting up Texting Actions for Options 2 and 3

You can send out text messages either as manually added actions or by incorporating this into your processes. The following steps will allow you to set up a "Text" action or you can work with your ActionFlow support person to have this set up! 

1. Go to the "Processes" tab which requires administrator access. In the bottom left section, there is an "Action Definitions" grid. Use the green plus sign to create a new action related to texting.  This could be a specific text message, such as "Text Template Date" or it could be more generic, "Send Text Message."

2. Scroll to the right and set the "Method" to "SendTextMessage"

NOTE: If the action has a $ScheduledDate, then you will need to set the "RequiredActionDef" for that scheduled action and the "RequirementType" to "Scheduled"

Option 2: Texting as an Automated Part of your Process

To incorporate texting into your process, add a new action by clicking the long arrow-like space underneath another action.

Use the dropdown beside the green plus sign to select the texting action you want to add.


To edit the text language, click on the action and navigate to the "Action Details" section in the bottom right.

  • Open the "Advanced Options" and right click on the Comment box which will open a window where you can add your text.
  • If you would like the text message to auto-populate with a scheduled date, add "$ScheduledDate" or "$ScheduledTime."
  • In order for ActionFlow to know which scheduled date to add, click the green plus sign in the middle section that has the headers, "If Dec," "RequiredActionDef," and "Requirement Type." Add the scheduled action by selecting it under "RequiredActionDef" and adding "Scheduled" under the "RequirementType."


Again, please reach out to your account administrator if you get confused during this setup!



Option 3: Texting as a Manual Action

You can also send a text as a manual action with preset verbiage. To do so, scroll to the left in the "Action Definitions" section and right click on the comment box where you can add the same comment as in the "Action Details" grid. 



You can now send texts as actions!



You can then look at the Job Action History as a record of the texts you have sent.