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Setup Texting

Instructions on how to setup texting capabilities within ActionFlow.

How to Set up Texting in ActionFlow

We are excited to offer the ability to send texts out of ActionFlow. None of the texts will go out ‘automatically’.  You will either click the TEXT button under 'Customer Contact Information' or you will be clicking Done in your 'Actions'.  Both of those will prompt the system to send the text out.


Texting is powered by Twilio - Communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video and Authentication


Initial Setup

1. Signup for Programmable SMS with Twilio. You will be paying them for their texting services.

  • Create an account
  • Complete the following form:


2. Once you are into your new account, get a Twilio number.


The button should say "Get a Twilio Phone Number" or "Get a Trial Phone Number"



3. Upgrade your account



4. Send us your:

  • Twilio Account SID
  • Auth Token
  • Phone number


Setting up 2-Way Texting


  1. To set up 2-way texting, click "Phone Numbers," "Manage," and "Active Numbers"
  2. Select a phone number


3. Scroll down until you see the "Messaging" section



4. Copy and paste the following url into the "Webhook" field under "A Message Comes In"