Slabsmith Integration

ActionFlow allows you to integrate with Slabsmith, an inventory and layout tool among other features.

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  • What can I accomplish with the ActionFlow Slabsmith Integration?
  • How does it work?
  • How is it setup?
  • What does this cost?
  • FAQs

More questions? Reach out to your account manager!

What can I accomplish with the ActionFlow Slabsmith integration?

The two programs can autosync every 5 minutes for a streamline integration!

The autosync function will:

  1. Send ActionFlow slabs to Slabsmith
    1. Slabs will be created in ActionFlow and then get transferred to Slabsmith (remnants will go from Slabsmith back to ActionFlow)
  2. Send Slabsmith slabs to ActionFlow
    1. This is done initially to transfer Slabsmith slabs to ActionFlow
    2. Whenever a remnant is created in Slabsmith

    How does it work?

    Great question! You will use a program called SlabsmithAF to send data between the two programs.

    During setup and testing, this will be done manually in the program by clicking "Send Data to ActionFlow" and "Retrieve New Slabs from ActionFlow."

    Manually Send Slabs/Images to ActionFlow


    Manually Retrieve New Slabs from ActionFlow


    Once you and your account manager have confirmed the import and export functions work well, you can set the program to run automatically every 5 minutes.

    Auto Sync


    How is this setup?

    Working with your account manager, an administrator at your shop will:

    • Complete a couple of administrative tasks in Slabsmith
    • Complete settings in the SlabsmithAF program
    • Test the connection between ActionFlow and Slabsmith
    • Complete the Slabsmith Map that translates materials and colors between the 2 programs (see below)
    • Test and troubleshoot the integration
    • Turn on the auto-sync function!


    What does this cost?

    Great question! For the most recent pricing, check out the ActionFlow pricing page!


    How does the integration handle remnants?

    Remnant information will flow from Slabsmith to ActionFlow after a slab is "Consumed" in Slabsmith and a remnant is created.  Remnants will be considered "new slabs" and will be exported along with any other new slabs as part of the next import.

    Will the InventoryID in Slabsmith be the same in ActionFlow?

    The InventoryID from Slabsmith will match the Item # in ActionFlow.

    Can the Slabsmith barcode labels be used with ActionFlow?

    Yes, the barcode is universal because the InventoryID from Slabsmith is printed on the barcode label.

    What happens when I "Consume" a slab in Slabsmith?

    Once a slab is marked as 'Consumed' in Slabsmith by a user, that slab will be automatically marked as 'Used' in ActionFlow during the next Sync.  In addition, the new remnant will be added automatically to ActionFlow.  As part of this, the remnant cost will be calculated automatically according to the 'Remnant' percentage value that has been entered for that SKU Item in the SKU Items grid of the SKU Items tab.

    The best practice is to mark the slabs as "Consumed" in Slabsmith and allow the synchronization program to update the status in ActionFlow automatically.