We have given you the option to upgrade your shop to go paperless! Use this new option in conjunction with the ActionFlow app to make all your documents electronic and save on your paper costs, make your company more eco-friendly, and never lose client information again!



Key Features
  • Fill, sign, and upload forms to the desktop app
  • Complete Template/Install actions
  • Take and upload pictures to the desktop app
  • Access forms from the desktop app on the Paperless App
How do I get started?

1. Download the Paperless App on the tablet you will be using it on!


Microsoft Store

Apple App Store 

Android/Google Store


2. Schedule a Paperless configuration meeting with your designated support person. 


What is involved in the implementation process?

While most companies are looking for a lot of the same data from their forms, the forms are all a little different! Our implementation process will involve curating your company's first form to include exactly what's needed. We'll then make sure ActionFlow is properly configured to use that form with the right action, and put it into use!



  How do I get the most out of the integration?

Creating and customizing your own forms

You can create your own additional forms and tie them to additional actions in your job processes. 


See this page to learn more!


  What does this cost?

Good question! It will be included in the Standard and Enterprise subscription options. Each additional form, after the first one that we create for you will cost $250.


Check out the ActionFlow pricing page for more information!