Creating Forms in Adobe Acrobat Pro

The following steps will walk demonstrate how to create a form that will work with the Paperless App and merge with the desktop version of ActionFlow. This guide will use the Adobe Acrobat Pro version to show the construction of a form though other PDF creation tools can be used. 

Step 1 - Click "More Tools"


Step 2 - Click "Prepare Form"


Step 3 - Form Features

Black - Text boxes are used to designate fields 

Red - Text fields are used to merge data (these field names come from ActionFlow and can be sent to you upon request). The list on the right hand side of the page should be in the order that the text fields are displayed on the form.

Blue - Checkboxes work exactly like text fields.

Purple - Dropdown lists also work like text fields, though the data won't automatically merge like text fields and checkboxes.


*These features work best for Paperless forms


Step 4 - "Properties" can be accessed by right-clicking on any of the form features, and within "Properties" you can edit the name, appearance, format, and other aspects of the field.


Step 5 - Make sure to leave a blank space for a signature if you want to include one on the form (i.e. a field is not required).


Step 6 - Save and upload to Actionflow