Creating Job Actions as Part of an Inventory Process

Streamline communication between the inventory management team and the job management team with ActionFlow. You can create actions and comments that get assigned to the job project manager after inventory items have been ordered or received or at other points within the inventory ordering process.

Here is a video guide or check out the step by step guide below.


The process for ordering and tracking inventory items is typically handled in the "Inventory" tab.


The actions in this process are typically assigned to an inventory manager or related role.


As part of the inventory ordering process, you may want someone involved in job management to be notified or to complete a follow-up task. In that case, the actions will show up in the Job Action List. For example, a sales person may be waiting for a slab to arrive to finalize their sales process or communicate with the customer. A project manager may need to inform dealers when slabs arrive for their jobs.





There are 2 ways to send actions or comments to a job process based on an inventory process:

  1. Predefined methods
  2. Customizable actions
Preliminary Steps

Before you can setup the job actions, make sure the inventory process is working correctly and your sales team knows how to add inventory items to a job.


1. The sales team adds slabs in the Area Module that will need to be ordered.


2. During the job process, someone indicates the slabs need to be ordered; in this example, the action is called "Confirm Inventory." ActionFlow creates a new order and assigns Inventory Item #s to the slabs.


3. In the "Inventory" tab, ActionFlow created an "Order" action which is assigned to the "Inventory Manager"



Predefined Methods


The "OrderInventory" pre action method creates 2 actions in the job and assigns them to the Project Manager:

  1. "Comment" with the note, "Stone Ordered, Order #"
  2. "Receive Stone" with the note, "Order #" and the "Start Date" is set to a day after the "Delivery Date".


You can set this up in the "Processes" tab or ask your account manager to set it up for you.

Fill out the:

  • DateLabel = "Delivery Date"
  • PreActionMethod = "OrderInventory"
  • DfltUser = your inventory role or whoever you would like confirming the inventory has been ordered
  • ProjectedStatusColumn = "Ordered"


When it is time to complete the order:

  1. Complete your standard steps for ordering (ie. send PO)
  2. Add the estimated "Delivery Date" to the "Date" column
  3. Click "Done" on the "Order" action


The estimated Delivery Date is stored and the status on the inventory items becomes "Ordered"


On the job(s) associated with those inventory item(s), there is now a "Comment" action and a "Receive Stone" action (this one is set for the day after the delivery date).



The "ReceiveInventory" pre action method does 3 things:

  1. Creates a "Comment" in the Job with the note, "Stone Received"
  2. Sets the location for the inventory items
  3. Completes the "Receive Stone" action in the Job if it is still uncompleted.

You can set this up in the "Processes" tab or ask your account manager to set it up for you.

Fill out the:

  • PreActionMethod = "ReceiveInventory"
  • Method = "InventOrderReceived" (this ensures the location is updated for inventory items)



Customizable Actions

You can also define your own actions that will get added to the job after an action happens in the inventory process.


In this example, the shop wants to notify the dealers associated with jobs after their slabs have been ordered.



You or your account manager can set this up simply by checking the "8-Add Action Name to Job" in the "Action Details" section.




Reminder: You can go directly to the inventory items from the Area Module by selecting an inventory item and clicking "Goto"