Steps for Including Logos and Email Signatures in Emails from ActionFlow

For a more in-depth tutorial, check out the video on how to send emails and include logos and email signatures:

1. Save a ".png" image of your email signature. You may want to use the snipping tool, Word, or another similar method to capture your email signature as a image file. The image has to be named "EmailSignature-Username.png" For example, my username is GraceABC so I would save the file as "EmailSignature-GraceABC.png"

Note: After sending, you may find that your image is too large. If so, go back and resize the .png file using an image editor. If the image is grainy, try using Microsoft Word and shrinking the page to get a higher resolution, small image. 

2. Add a "Email Signatures & Logos folder" to the Customer Files section of your shop's Customer account: go to Customer and search for the name of your shop. Then add the "Logo" and "Email Signature" files to the "Email Signatures & Logos" folder. The Email Signature file HAS to be saved as "EmailSignature-YourUsername.png" with no spaces. The Logo HAS to be saved as "Logo.png".



3. Edit the email comment either under Action Definitions (if it independent of the job process) OR under Action Details (if the email  is part of your job process) and include $Logo and/or $EmailSignature.


4. Send email in Actions

Email looks like this: