How to Send Emails from ActionFlow and Include Logos and Email Signatures

A tutorial of how to configure emails and include logos and email signatures. A brief PDF tutorial for email signatures and logos is available at

Table of Contents

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Configure Logo and Email Signature (0:10)
  • Saving a .png file of Email Signature (0:34)
  • Configure an Email as Part of your Job Process (3:)
  • Editing the Email Template (2:00)
  • Automatically Adding Customer Name, Scheduled Time, Email Signature etc. (2:18)
  • Enabling Independent Email (3:45)
  • Including Event Calendar Attachment (4:40)
  • Configure a generic Personal Email or Email Independent of Job Process (5:07)


  • Be sure to send the email to yourself by including your email address if you want a copy of the email in your inbox. ActionFlow stores the content of the email but does not automatically send a copy to your inbox.
  • Refresh the job if you do not see the email comment/body in the email action.
  • If the email signature image is too large, go back and resize the .png file using an image editor. If the image is grainy, try using Microsoft Word and shrinking the page to get a higher resolution, small image. 
  • The Email Signature file HAS to be saved as "EmailSignature-YourUsername.png" with no spaces. The Logo HAS to be saved as "Logo.png".