Specify Miter/Laminate Width for 2nd Edge

Specify Miter/Laminate Width for 2nd Edge


You can now specify the miter/laminate width when adding a second edge. One edge may be a waterfall and the other have a few inches of laminate edging. As a reminder, the 2nd edge is added by holding down shift when you left click on the edge. The squares indicate a 2nd edge. If you want to confirm or show the laminate/mitered pieces, you can always "Extract Splash."


Adding Edge Features (beyond the standard 2 edge tool)

You may have edge features that are not easily captured in the standard edge quoting tool.

For example, you may have a 3rd edge:
    1st edge – eased
    2nd edge – mitered
    3rd edge – flat polish

If you sell laminates, you may charge a flat dollar amount for finishing certain edges as in the case of an end cap.

In those cases, you can use a drawing item by right clicking the top like you would do for adding a cutout or radius.

Learn how to set up this feature here or talk to your account administrator.