How to Sort Sinks into Smaller Groups

ActionFlow has multiple types of cutouts that you can link to sinks. This allows you to sort those sinks into smaller groups, so that certain cutouts only show certain sink options. 

1. Go to Administration>SKU Items

Locate your cutouts and specify what type it is using the 'DrawingItem' column. 

Cutouts are divided into two groups based on their shape. There is no difference between the cutouts within each shape group except which you define with the draw value dimensions. We provide a suggested linked sink group in parentheses.

Rectangle/Square shaped cutouts:


CutoutUM (Undermount)

CutoutUM-S (Undermount Small)

CutoutOM (Overmount)

CutoutOM-S (Overmount Small)

CutoutVanity (Vanity)

CutoutFarm (Farm Sink)

CutoutCooktop (Cooktop)

Oval/Circle shaped cutouts:

CutoutOval (Oval)

CutoutUMOval (Undermount Oval)

CutoutTMOval (Oval Topmount)

CutoutVanityOval (Vanity Oval)

2. Locate your sinks and specify what the 'LinkedDrawingItem' will be. 


In this example below, you can see the Overmount cutout is assigned to CutoutOM.

So when you add an Overmount Sink in the AreaModule, you will only see sink options that are linked to CutoutOM.