Slabsmith Integration - Sync Function Settings

Learn more about the settings in the sync function tab for SlabsmithAF.

Send Data to ActionFlow

This section dictates how SlabsmithAF sends slabs and/or image to ActionFlow.

(a similar section in the Settings tab allows users to save those settings for future use)


These are the settings:

1.  Statuses to Send.  

List the Slabsmith Statuses that will be included for slabs send to ActionFlow, separated by a comma.

2.  New Slabs Only or All Slabs

A 'new slab' for this purpose is one without any value in the 'AFInventItemID' field.  That is, once a slab gets exported from Slabsmith to ActionFlow, the SlabsmithAF program will update the value in that field to match the InventItemID field in ActionFlow.  So, any slab with a value in that field has already been exported.  So normally you would only export new slabs, but you might want to select 'All Slabs' if you wanted to re-export all slabs.

3.  Include Images or Exclude Images or Send Only Images

Normally, you probably want to select 'Include Images'.  Then, when a slab is exported to ActionFlow, the .jpg image will be exported also.  But it is possible you may want to excluded the exporting of images, or perhaps export only images of slabs that have already been exported.

4.  Image Resolution

When Slabsmith generates an image, it generates a High Resolution Image (Image.jpg) and a Low Resolution Image (partialRes.jpg).  For the purposes of ActionFlow's Fab Layout functions, the Low Resolution should be sufficient, and it uploads quicker and takes up less space.  This setting allows the user to select which of those images are exported.  The recommended setting is 'Try Lo-Res First, then Hi-Res'.   Using this setting, ActionFlow will look first for a file called 'partialRes.jpg'.  If found, that image will be uploaded.  If no file with that name is found, ActionFlow will try to upload a file called 'Image.jpg'.

Retrieve New Slabs from ActionFlow

The section circled above dictates how SlabsmithAF retrieves slabs from ActionFlow.

(a similar section in the Settings tab allows users to save those settings for future use)


Note that SlabsmithAF will only retrieve 'new slabs' from ActionFlow.  When a slab is retrieved from ActionFlow into Slabsmith, SlabsmithAF will set the field SlabsmithSlabID for each slab in ActionFlow to be equal to SlabID field in Slabsmith.  Therefore a 'new slab' in ActionFlow is one that has not been exported and therefore does not have a value in the SlabsmithSlabID field.

The only setting here is "Statuses to Retrieve", where you can enter a comma-separated list of Statuses that will be used to select the slabs that will be exported to Slabsmith.