Signature Collection in Reports

Collect secure signatures in PDF reports by following the steps below.

Note: The signature collection functionality requires Adobe Acrobat so your customers will need to open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. There is a free version called, "Adobe Acrobat Reader," which many people should have installed already. If they don't have it:


1. Go to the "Administration" tab.

2. Go to "Report Configurations."

3. Select the report in which you want to add a signature collection option.

4. Open the "HTML" field where you want to place the signature. Most likely this would be the "Footer HTML" field.


5. Select where you want to add the signature collection. Type: "Sign here:" or whatever language you want to use to indicate signature collection.

6. Add a new line. The $CollectSignature has to be on its own line.

7. Type "$CollectSignature".

7. Highlight the text, and change the font color to white. 

This is important because the signature collection line will only show up when opened in Adobe. Changing the text to white ensures, "$CollectSignature," doesn't show up when opened in other PDF viewers.

8. Click "OK"


9. Open the report and check that "Sign here:" or your customized text is visible.

10. Open the report in Adobe using the red Adobe icon, and check that the signature collection function is showing.

If you have problems, check with your ActionFlow account administrator.