Reset User Password

Follow the instructions below if a User forgets his password and you need to reset it to a new password.

Click on the Administartion tab>Enterprise>Users




Note:  If you see the 'lock' icon next to a User's name (the lock icon is circled in the screenshot below), that means the user is

locked out - which happens after the user tries to log in four times with the wrong password.  If you see the 'lock' icon,

then you may not need to Reset the Password.  Instead, just click the Unlock button and have the user try again. 

If the user still can't log in, then proceed with the instructions below.


Click on the row of the user that needs to be reset.  Once the user row is highlighed, the 'Reset Password'  will be available to click. 




Click 'Reset Password'.  You will recieve a pop up that asks if "You are sure you want to reset the password from UserXYZ".  Click OK on this. 




You will receive another pop up with the 'New Password'.  (If there is an email on file for the user, they will also receive the temporary password by email. Return to the ActionFlow and enter your User ID and the new password in the login screen. 





Once you are back into the system, the user can go to Settings Tab to update the temporary password to create a new one.