Report Categories

How to Organize Reports with Categories

Here is a video tutorial on how to set and use report categories within ActionFlow. We also provide a step by step guide below.

Table of Contents
Intro (0:00)
Where categories are visible (0:04)
How to set up categories (0:34)
Set category for each report (0:38)
Create categories that will populate the dropdown (0:51)
Clear all report categories (1:15)
Set default categories (1:21)

reportcategories1 reportcategories2

Set Default Categories

If you would like to start using this feature immediately, we recommend using default categories determined by ActionFlow. An administrator at your shop can do this or ask your ActionFlow Account Manager to turn this on for you.

The default categories are:

Go to:

  1. Administration
  2. Report Configurations
  3. Click "Set Category Defaults" on the left side of the screen

This will create the default category list and set each report into a default category.


Start from Scratch

To start your categories from scratch, first create the categories by right clicking the "Categories" text box and separating each category with a comma. Then use the "Category" property to set the category for each report.

  1. Right click on the "Categories" text box
  2. Set your categories (separate with a comma)
    • Example: Administration,Sales,Inventory,Delivery
  3. Click "Ok" and "Save"
  4. Select a report
  5. Find the "Category" property for that report
  6. Select the category for that report

Note: If your category dropdown does not have your saved category list, go out and come back in.




Clear all categories

You can always restart from scratch by clicking "Clear All Categories" which will clear the category list and the category for each report.