Red Flags in ActionFlow

Setting up "Red Flags" allows you to identify actions in your process that may be falling behind or slipping through the cracks. For example, you may consider it a problem if the template date email goes out more than 3 days after it was scheduled. Or you may want to intervene if the slabs haven't been cut 2 days before the install is scheduled.



In the video below, we discuss how Red Flags work in ActionFlow and complete a step-by-step exercise to implement 3 key red flags in your shop!

The Red Flags Setup Guide has a worksheet to follow along with the video or could be used independent of the video to set up red flag alerts.

Red Flags Setup Guide:


To skip to the Step-by-Step setup of Red Flags to go along with the guide, go to 8:45 in the video below.

Table of Contents
0:00 - Introduction
0:40 - Red Flags on the dashboard and in the report
2:40 - Goals of the workshop
3:10 - How Red Flags work
6:50 - Key points for Red Flags
7:55 - Red Flag example
8:45 - Step-by-Step setup of Red Flags - Past Triggers
13:00 - Step-by-Step setup of Red Flags - Future Target
16:20 - Implement in ActionFlow - Past Triggers
19:13 - Implement in ActionFlow - Future Target
20:20 - Managing Red Flags
21:21 - Daily monitor overview
22:30 - Active job lists
23:50 - Using actions to manage jobs
25:45 - Long-term fixes for red flags
28:10 - Final thoughts