Setting Price Changes for Future and Past Quotes

When a color or other SKU item has a price change, you want the new price to apply to future quotes and the old price to apply to past quotes. ActionFlow allows you to add an "end" date to a SKU or category, so the price applies only to quotes before that date. You can then create the same SKU or category and set an "effective" date, and that price will apply only to quotes after that date.

Table of Contents

  • Intro (0:00)
  • SKU Items (0:15)
  • SKU Category (1:15)
  • Example of Pricing Difference in a Quote (1:35)


Step 1: Set "End Date" for current SKU or category price

Step 2: Add the same SKU to the Calc Type and set the New Price


Step 3: Set the "Effective Date" for the new price



Result  - Price difference for quotes created before and after the "price change" date






(Keywords: price change, end date, start date, effective date)