Non-Serialized Inventory

Use ActionFlow to track non-serialized (NS) inventory: inventory items that do not have a unique ID (ie. caulk, brackets, polishing pads, sinks, etc.)

The videos below will describe how to track and use NS inventory, use the NS inventory reports, order NS inventory items, and how to convert serialized SKU items to NS SKU items. We will also clarify how NS inventory works with Quickbooks.

How to Track and Use NS Inventory

This video provides an overview of how to manage non-serialized inventory in ActionFlow.

Table of Contents

  • Tracking/Viewing all NS Items with Quantities - NS Module (0:10)
  • NS quantity, Alert quantity, Last Edit By and History(0:35)
  • Manually update quantities (0:45)
  • Including NS items as part of the quote (1:07)
  • For Shop or Field Users: Using the Fabrication Tab with NS Inventory (1:47)
    • Updating # of NS items (2:00)
    • Adding NS items in the Fabrication Tab (2:10)
      • IMPT: items added manually in the Fabrication Tab must be "USED" when they are added (2:30)
  • Updating the NS inventory quantity (3:03)
  • Automatically updating NS quantity after install (3:26)

How to Use NS Inventory Reports and Order NS Inventory

Learn the key reports to use for Non-Serialized Inventory (Inventory Snapshot and Inventory Alerts). Then use the Inventory Alerts report to guide you while ordering NS inventory.

Table of Contents

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Inventory Snapshot Report (Non-Serialized) (0:24)
    • Inventory Snapshot Report Shows Data "As of Midnight" (4:00)
  • Inventory Alerts Report (Non-Serialized) (1:04)
    • Detailed Description for each Column (1:25)
    • "Include Ordered" Filter to show only Available Items (1:59)
    • Filter by Surplus Amount (3:00)
    • Filter based on Jobs Scheduled to be Cut or Installed (3:21)
  • Detailed Non-Serialized Quantities and History (4:37)
    • Ordering based on the Inventory Alerts Report (5:20)
    • How to Order NS Inventory (5:47)Ordering Non-Serialized Quantities (5:14)
    • How Ordering Non-Serialized Inventory Impacts the Reports (7:16)
  • Summary (8:48)

How to Create New NS Inventory Classes and SKUs 

Learn how to create new non-serialized inventory classes and SKUs in ActionFlow.

Table of Contents

  • Creating new SKUs in the SKU Items tab (0:00)
  •  Tracking the New SKU item (1:24)


Right now, you cannot apply a NS item to a specific job and have that information go over to QB.

You could continue to use serialized items for job specific items that go over to QB but we recognize this requires significantly more time to track items that could function well as non-serialized.

We believe there may be an option to integrate non-serialized inventory with Quickbooks and welcome you to vote for the feature request.