Create Misc Button on Scheduler

The Misc button on the Scheduler will allow you to add a Misc action to the Scheduler.  

Locate the Customer tab and add a Misc customer to ActionFlow, by clicking on the Green Plus Sign. 

Click on the Green Plus Sign to add a Job to the Job List.  You'll want to leave this customer in the system.  If the customer gets deleted, the Misc button will be removed from the Scheduler as well.


misc cust


Take your mouse and hover over the Job # that is bolded and you will see a six digit number appear. 




Locate the Adminstration Tab>Enterprise>Schedules




Grab the Scroll Bar on the bottom of the section and locate the 'Misc JobID' button on the right side.  Enter the six digit number in this field.  




Hit the 'Save' button in the upper right hand corner of ActionFlow. 


The Scheduler will now have the 'Add Misc' button.




Click on the time slot you'd like to add the Misc Appointment to and click on 'Add Misc'.  If you are not on an actual customer when you add the appointment, the appointment will get added to the Misc Customer that you created in ActionFlow. 



Select your Action from the drop down and click OK to add the apppointment to the Scheduler.