Lowes Sage Integration (Sagesurfaces.com)

ActionFlow integrates with Lowes Sage which allows shops to pull PO's, download and upload files, and update dates and notes.

Import Lowes PO's

To import Lowes PO's, go to the "Gridview" tab, then click "Tasks" in the top right of the screen.

The button will look for changed and new PO's for the last 30 days and then display the # of POs and created Job #s.

ActionFlow then creates a Customer, Job and Action and you'll see NewLowesPO in your Actions.



Download and Upload Files

In the "Job Files" section, access the download and upload files buttons. 

When uploading, a dialog will ask what the file type is, select the file type and hit ok. It will then send the file to Lowes.



When downloading, the files will be in a folder called "Lowes."


If there isn't a matching PO in Lowes, ActionFlow will show an error.


Update Dates and Notes

ActionFlow can update the dates and notes in Lowes using a "PreActionMethod" called, "LowesDateUpdate" or "LowesAddNote."

For example, if an "Install" action is completed, it can send an updated date to Lowes for the two conditions:

  • The Decision contains the word "actual" and the date completed is set
  • The Decision does not have word "actual" and start date is set 

The notes function will send the action's "Comment" as a note to Lowes.