Importing DXF Files for Quoting

A tutorial of how to import a DXF file into ActionFlow. Learn how to include DXF images in reports below.

Table of Contents

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Import a DXF File Into Action Flow(0:10)
  • Import From Job Files (0:20)
  • Import From Computer (0:32)
  • Define Layers and How They Translate to ActionFlow (0:40)
  • Extract Information Into Quoting System (1:20)
  • Show Rectangle Dimensions Only  (1:36)


Displaying DXF Images in Reports

1. Import DXF file (see video above)

2. Go to the "Drawing" tab in the upper left and select "Create Drawing Image File". This will create and store a .png image of the imported DXF image.


3. In the administration section, either create a new report or copy an existing report and set the "DrawingToInclude" selection to "Dxf". If the report is duplicated, it may be helpful to add "DXF" to the report name.


4. Run the report!


5. If you don't see the image, double check it is in the "Job Files" section. It will have "DXF" in the name.