Email Delivery Improvement (Get Through Spam Filters)

When you send emails from ActionFlow, you want them to be delivered, of course.   However, email services sometimes block emails because they think they are spam.

There are steps ActionFlow has taken and continues to monitor to ensure emails are delivered smoothly:

  • We have a designated IP address for only ActionFlow clients.
  • Our sending reputation has always remained over 99%.
  • ActionFlow's dedicated IP address is registered with Microsoft Outlook and we monitor our activity with them.
  • We have a sunset policy to clear out email addresses in our lists that are no longer used or active.


There are few steps you can take to improve your email deliverability. One of those is called "domain authentication," which you can learn more about here.

  1. SendGrid (our email provider) Domain Authentication (see steps and video below)
  2. Google Domain Authentication
  3. Whitelist Emails: Request that your customers, co-workers and/or dealers/partners/account add your email address to their address book aka whitelist your email. Learn how to do this in Google, Outlook, and Yahoo.
    1. Error code 550 can have a range of causes. One potential problem is if the recipient has a full mailbox.

SendGrid Domain Authentication


Step 1: Provide us with your DNS host (eg. GoDaddy, Ns1, Network Solutions etc.)

Step 2: We will send instructions on how to the CNAME records we provide to your DNS host.

Here is a video that describes how to authenticate your domain with GoDaddy and Hover

Step 3: You or your IT team completes step 2.

Step 4: We confirm everything worked.



Google Domain Authentication


We will send a CNAME record or a TXT record to be added to your DNS configuration.

Once you have done this, let us know, and we will verify your domain on our end.