How to Draw in ActionFlow


Add a new top

There are 2 ways to add new tops:

  1. Use the "Preset" shapes buttons
  2. Click the "Draw" button
    1. Click your mouse in the drawing area to start the top
    2. Move the mouse to draw the top
    3. Left click and move the mouse to add an angle to the top
    4. Right click to complete the drawing

Change top dimensions

Edit the dimensions of a top by clicking on the value and typing the new value. Tab to edit the next value. Hit enter or click in the white space to finish editing dimensions.

Change Edge Type

Standard Edges

These standard edges are created by selecting a top and then clicking the left button on the desired edge to cycle through the standard edges:

NonFinished Edge
Finished Edge

Special Edges

2nd Edge - hold down the <Shift> key while left clicking the edge
Negative edge - hold down the <Ctrl> key while left clicking the edge

Move one top

Move one top by clicking and dragging it to the desired location

Move all tops

Click and drag in any white space on the drawing

Zoom in or out

Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.

Sizing drawing to fit the screen

The refresh button will recenter the current drawing to fit the screen.

Rotate Top

Rotate the top by either 90 degrees or 2 degrees - you can hold down the 2 degree button for quick, precise movement. You can also manually set the angle by editing the degree value in the text box.

Add drawing items and cutouts

Right click on a top to add drawing items like angles, arcs, bumpouts, etc.

Select the item and then left click to place it.