Create Default Job Folders

Do you ever find yourself adding the same file folder to your Job Files?  You can create default Job Folders that will auto populate into job files when a new job is created in ActionFlow. 



Click on the Customer tab and do a search for your Company Name in the Customer Search Box. This will pull up the master file for your account. 


Create a Job in the Job List by clicking on the Green Plus Sign. (If there is already a job created, you don't have to add a new one)



Click on the Job Files on the right side of the screen in the Job List Section. 



Click on the Green Plus Sign with Folder icon to add a new job folder into ActionFlow.  


Enter Folder Name and click OK



Click on the Folder Icon with the Black Back Arrow to go back in the files section.



You will now see that a new Folder has been created.  



To add more Job Files, click on the Green Plus Sign with Folder icon to add another folder. 


Now, when you create a new Customer and New Job in ActionFlow, the files will automatically populate into your Job Files Section as shown below.



Please note, if you have a job that was previously created, the job will not have the new folders in the Job File automatically.  Click the 'Create Default Folders' button inside the Job Files to populate the Default Folders in an existing Job.