How to Customize Reports

A tutorial on how to customize your companies quotes, contracts, job site details and other reports in ActionFlow.

Table of Contents

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Where to Locate Reports (0:04)
  • Report Configurations Tab (0:40)
  • Add Reports (1:03)
  • Specify Settings on a Report (1:16)
  • Copy a Report to Create a New Version (1:56)
  • Set Report Permissions (2:20)

"Header with Custom Text" - Report
The "Header with Custom Text" is a template report that may be useful for creating custom reports in your shop.

Adding merge fields to HTML text in reports
If there is an "HTML" text in a report, you can add specific fields from your jobs into the report.

The format for including these fields using curly brackets: {Field Name} 

For example: Dear {Name}, would show up as Dear Grace, if the customer's name is Grace.