ActionFlow Customer Portal

Learn the basic functions and how to access ActionFlow's customer portal. This portal is where you should submit questions and potential bugs that you experience with any of the ActionFlow apps. The tickets will go directly to your account manager.


1. Each ActionFlow user will receive an email from "" to create a login. 

2. If you cannot locate that email, please contact your account manager and they will resend you the email.


1. Access the portal through your ActionFlow account with this icon:

af icon

2. Submitting a ticket:

File a Ticket

3. Select your account manager and fill out pertinent information. You may also attach a file for further explanation.

ticket view, submission

4. Follow the conversation. This is where the conversation between you and the account manager can be tracked.

Ticket Convo

5. View all tickets. You can toggle between just the tickets you've submitted or your entire organization's tickets. 

Ticket View