Adding Custom Alternative Materials to Estimates

It is possible to show the cost for alternatives materials as categories and as specific colors.

  • Showing alternative materials as categories would be best if your customer wants a generic idea of other color options. Learn how to set up this option at
  • Showing alternative materials as specific colors would be best if your customer is choosing between a few colors. Learn how to set up this option below.


1. Edit the area

2. Under "Area Data," click the "Custom Alternatives" drop down.   








3. Using the green plus sign, select the alternative class and color. 

4. Click "Calc + Save"

5. The "ShowAltMaterials" box has to be checked within the "Report Configurations" tab for the estimate report. You may want to create a copy of your estimate called "Estimate (Show Alternatives)" in order to have an estimate that shows alternatives and one that doesn't. 

6. Run the estimate report


Note: Only colors of the same calculation type (Slab vs SqFt) can be compared. If you do not see the color because the current color is either Slab or SqFt based while the comparison color is the other type, it may be best to make a revision of the estimate and run a "Revision Comparison" report in order to show the options to your customer.