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Margin Calculations - Adding Cost % Without Revenue %

In order to accurately calculate margins, you may want to include commision, tax, or other line items that apply a cost without adding to your revenue. 

In order to apply a percentage to the cost, revenue, retail, or a combination:

1. Navigate to the "SKU Items" page under "Administration."

2. Create your SKU item and add it to your desired CalcType. 

3. Scroll to the right in the "Cost Definitions for SKU Items and Categories" table in the right side of the screen and add your desired "Percent."

4. Under the "%Target" column, select which value you want the line item percentage to apply. For example, if you want a 5% commission to apply to the cost and not the revenue, select "Cost".

5. Save your changes and reopen ActionFlow or hit the blue refresh button in your quoting module.

6. Test if it is working by adding the new SKU item to your line items list in the quoting module. Hit "Calc and Save" and click "Show Cost."

7. Reach out to us if you need help setting this up! We are glad to walk you through the process :)