Batch/Auto Emailing for Scheduled Actions

Send automated emails at a set timeframe before scheduled actions occur.


Learn more with the video or check out the instructions below.



Example: Configure a Template action to automatically email your customer 24 hrs before the scheduled template.

Template scheduled date: 11/15 at 11am

Email automatically sent: 11/14 at 11am

The "Action History" tracks the status of the sent email and ActionFlow also tracks the date the email went out in "Date" column of the "Template" action.



Setup - For administrators

1. Go to the processes tab and find an action with which you would like to start sending automated emails.

2. Add content to 3 fields:

  • "Email Date" to the "DateLabel field"
  • Email language to the "Auto Email" field
  • # of hours before the scheduled date when you wish to send the email to the "Auto Email Hours Before" field