Barcode Printing and Scanning



There are multiple barcode reports with varying dimensions that display the following information:

Barcode Reports

Barcode 3" x 1"

Barcode 4" x 2" 

Barcode Thin (4” x 5/8")

Barcode Thin .5 (4” x 1/2")

Barcode Vertical (1” x 3”) 

Barcode Vertical Thin (5/8” x 3”)

Barcode 22up - generates a list of selected barcodes which can be useful for quickly scanning all slabs you may be receiving or transferring to a different facility.

Barcoded Locations - generates individual barcodes for all locations within your facility, with each barcode displaying the designated location information

Hide Barcode Fields

You can choose to hide these fields from the barcode: dimensions, lot #, job #, order #, and vendor. To hide the fields, add them as comma-separated values in the "HiddenFields" property for the barcode reports in the "Report Configurations" tab.

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When troubleshooting issues reading bar codes using the mobile app, one possible issue is that the barcodes are cut off and you may need to reprint them to make sure all of the barcode is visible. Check with your account administrator to determine if this is happening.

If you have issues with the mobile app not reading bar codes, we would recommend getting one of the scanners below.


Recommended Barcode Printing and Scanning Hardware

Recommended bar code printer: ZEBRA GX420t (Amazon or New Egg)

Recommended bar code scanner (with storage capability):  Motorola Cordless Linear Scanner, 1D (LI4278) (Staples or Amazon)

This is best for large scanning processes ie. reconciliation.

Recommended Bluetooth bar code scanner: NETUM C750 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Portable2.4G Wireless QR Bar Code Reader (Netum or Amazon)

This is best for your material handlers to improve the mobile app scanning capability.


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