Alternate Logos on Reports

Steps for Including Alternate Logos on Reports

You may want to use a different logo than your standard logo for reports if you have multiple locations who use different logos or perhaps for your dealer accounts.

Follow along with the video or follow the steps below:



1. Save or locate a ".png" image of your logo. You may want to use the snipping tool, Word, or another similar method to capture your email signature as a image file.

Note: After checking the report, you may find that your image is too large. If so, go back and resize the .png file using an image editor. If the image is grainy, try using Microsoft Word and zooming out of the page to get a higher resolution, small image. 


2. Add the "Logo" file to the Customer Files section of your shop's Customer account: go to Customer and search for the name of your shop. Remember the name of your file.





3. Go to the "Report Configurations" section in the "Administration" tab and select the report where you want an alternate logo. You may want to select a report like "Estimate" and click, "Copy Selected Report" on the top left. Rename the report if you would like. Add the name of the logo file to the "AlternateLogo" field. 


4. Run the report and check that the logo size is correct.