Advanced Edge Features

You may have edge features that are not easily captured in the standard edge quoting tool.

For example, you may have a 3rd edge:
    1st edge – eased
    2nd edge – mitered
    3rd edge – flat polish

If you sell laminates, you may charge a flat dollar amount for finishing certain edges as in the case of an end cap.

In those cases, you can use a drawing item by right clicking the top like you would do for adding a cutout or radius.

Learn how to set up this feature here or talk to your account administrator.


Edge Feature, Edge Length, and EdgeLengthNextX

The EdgeLength, EdgeFeature, and EdgeLengthNextX drawing items allow for special charges that apply to an edge.

  • DrawValue1: Label
  • DrawValue2: Label (only for EdgeLengthNextX)

For all 3 types, DrawValue1 creates a label that appears on the drawing by the edge.

If no value is provided for DrawValue1, the label will default to the type of Drawing Item - EdgeLength, EdgeFeature, or EdgeLengthNextX.


In the case of EdgeLengthNextX, DrawValue2 is a number that will appear in parentheses as part of the edge label.

EdgeLengthNextX applies a charge, or rounds up, for every “X” number of linear metric in DrawValue2.

This feature was originally designed for laminate jobs, or for any material that uses pieces of a predetermined size. For example, if you use 8 ft pieces for a laminate top and you are quoting a 12 ft job. ActionFlow will automatically round up to 16 ft at $15/LnFt = $240.


The EdgeFeature drawing item applies a charge for each edge to which it’s attached. In this example, each “end cap” has a revenue value of $30 so it is added to one edge, so the total charge is $30. If there were an edge cap on two edges, the charge would be $60.


The EdgeLength drawing item applies a charge for the linear length of the selected edge. This is helpful if you have more than 2 edges.

In this example, ActionFlow has 2 regular edges: an eased edge on the front and miter on one side. If you wanted to add an appliance edge as well, you could use this feature to add a 3rd edge.