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Do Now List and Actions Basics

The Do-Now List and Actions communicate tasks throughout the company.

One of ActionFlow's core functions is the processes and the Do Now List. These allow you to focus on what needs to happen today and leave tomorrow's problems for tomorrow. The Do Now List streamlines how your team communicates and increases your effectiveness at achieving your goals.



Table of Contents

  • Intro (0:00)
  • How the Do Now list helps you and your team (0:08)
  • View Actions in the Do Now list (0:30)
  • Completing Actions in the Do Now List (1:04)
  • Automated processes/actions (1:19)
  • Adding Actions to the Do Now List (1:50)
  • Clearing out completed/Refreshing actions (2:06)
  • Actions that require multiple steps to complete (2:30)
  • Change date of Action in Do Now list (3:05)
  • View Future Dated Actions (3:30)
  • View Other Users Do Now List (4:04)
  • Filter for Actions  (4:19)
  • Messaging (Sending Comments) with other users (4:30)
  • Manually add actions (4:48)
  • Expand comments (Right click on comment box) (5:10)
  • Making an action Urgent (5:33)
    • It will appear red and at the top of the assigned users do now list.
  • Voiding an action (5:56)
  • Viewing all past and present actions (Action History) (6:17)