ActionPay Tutorial

ActionPay Payments
ActionPay is powered by PaySimple and allows you to collect payments within ActionFlow. Learn more.

Demonstration of ActionPay

  • Intro (0:00)​
  • Collecting Payments within ActionFlow (0:17)
  • Payments as Part of your Process (1:40)
  • Emailed Payment Links with Estimates/Invoices (2:25)
  • Retrieving Non-editable Payment Links (4:30) UPDATED, see video below
  • Including Credit Card Fees in your Line Items (6:29)​​
  • Charging a Credit Card Fee that is different than the Default value (8:00)
  • Errors and Troubleshooting (10:45)

Copy, Email, or Text Payment Links

Right click the payment buttons to generate and share a non-editable payment link.